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September 01, 2015 at 05:24AM

Globe photos of the month, August 2015 Here’s a look at some of the best images taken by Globe photographers last month including sand art in East Boston, kayaking in Vermont, debating the Lawrence Trust Act, and Willie Nelson performing in Boston. — By Lloyd Young
Joseph Meng, 6, talked with Harvard senior Ahmee Marshall-Christensen, dressed as “Man Penguin,” in Forbes Plaza at Harvard Square. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff) http://ift.tt/1NTqLzQ
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August 28, 2015 at 06:57AM

10 years after Hurricane Katrina President Obama visited New Orleans today to mark progress the city has made before the upcoming anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged the Gulf Coast 10 years ago. The category 3 storm packed 125-mile-per-hour winds, killed some 2,000 people, caused massive flooding, and was the costliest natural disaster to hit the United States. (Big Picture 2010 post ) — By Lloyd Young
Reuters photographer Carlos Barria holds a print of a photograph he took in 2005, as he matches it up at the same location 10 years later in New Orleans, La., on Aug. 17,. The print shows a woman arriving with her dog at a collection point for victims of Hurricane Katrina, Sept. 8, 2005. Hurricane Katrina triggered floods that inundated New Orleans in 2005. Congress authorized spending more than $14 billion to beef up the city’s flood protection after Katrina and built a series of new barriers that include manmade islands and new wetlands. (Carlos Barria/Reuters) http://ift.tt/1Imwgjp
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August 26, 2015 at 05:11AM

Track and Field World Championships 2015 Elite athletes are competing at the IAAF World Athletics Championships being held in Beijing this week. Nearly 2,000 competitors from 207 countries are participating in the International Association of Athletics event — primarily at the same stadium which hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics. — By Lloyd Young
Brazil’s Fernanda Martins competes in the qualifying round of the women’s discus throw event at the IAAF World Championships at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium in Beijing on Aug. 24. (Antonin Thuillier/AFP/Getty Images) http://ift.tt/1Px4aYa
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August 22, 2015 at 09:12AM

Pork chops and politics The Iowa State Fair was a top destination this week for the vast array of presidential candidates. The campaign stop at this eleven day extravaganza produced entertaining photo ops as they sampled the unique fare and cooked at the grill while stumping their message to the fairgoers. — By Leanne Burden Seidel
A visitor casts their vote with a kernel of corn for presidential candidate Carly Fiorina in a straw poll at the Iowa State Fair, Aug. 20, in Des Moines, Iowa. (Paul Sancya/Assoicated Press) http://ift.tt/1hyYnqp
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August 19, 2015 at 10:22PM

Cooling off It’s summertime, and people and animals everywhere are looking for ways to escape the heat. From backyard fun to huge theme parks, photographers around the world captured this seasonal pastime. — By Leanne Burden Seidel
A swimmer cools off in a waterfall at the Rolling Hills Water Park in Ypsilanti, Mich., Aug. 5. (Paul Sancya/Associated Press) http://ift.tt/1NkVDd0
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August 17, 2015 at 08:56AM

Somali refugees find a farming oasis
Kaltumo Adow and her daughter, Asha Abukar, 9, rested after working on their plots at Intervale Farm in New Gloucester, Maine. Kaltumo is involved in the Farming for Food & Health Program through the Somali Bantu Community Association of Lewiston. (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff) http://ift.tt/1HQpwd8
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August 15, 2015 at 06:42AM

Explosions shock China’s Tianjin port On the night of Aug. 12, a fire was reported at a chemical warehouse within a mile of thickly populated residential areas in the port city of Tianjin, China. With the firefight under way, a sudden, rapid succession of increasingly large explosions erupted into fireballs that registered on earthquake scales. The shock wave shattered windows in high-rises a mile away and the flames lit up the night sky. As of Aug. 14, the death toll was 56, including 17 firefighters. Over 700 were injured and nearby residences forced to flee their homes. The explosions seem to have originated from a warehouse owned by Ruihai International Logistics, a company authorized to handle chemicals that explode on contact with water. Some outside specialists suspected that firefighters may have inadvertently contributed to the explosions, however the details of how the massive explosion occurred were still unclear.
Bystander Dan Van Duren captured the rapid succession of explosions on video from a nearby residential building shortly before midnight on Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015. (Dan Van Duren/Associated Press) http://ift.tt/1IRLkGY
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August 14, 2015 at 04:56AM

Perseid meteor shower With a new moon this week, sky gazers got the chance to be amazed by the nighttime show put on by the oldest meteor shower observed by humans. For more than 2,000 years, when fragments of the Swift-Tuttle comet pass through Earth’s atmosphere, meteors appear each August near the constellation Perseus. — By Lloyd Young
A long exposure image showing a meteor streaking across the night sky over the ruins of the early Byzantine Christian basilica ‘Red Church’, dating to the late 4th and 5th century near the town of Perushtitsa some 120 km from Sofia, Bulgaria, Aug. 13. The meteor display, known as the Perseid shower, because it appears to radiate from the constellation Perseus in the northeastern sky, is a result of Earth’s orbit passing through debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle. (Vassoil Donev/EPA) http://ift.tt/1HJmOWK
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August 12, 2015 at 05:41AM

Ferguson one year later Demonstrators have returned to Ferguson, Mo., over the past few days to mark the first anniversary of the shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Close to 100 people have been arrested since the protests started on Sunday in the St. Louis area. Included in this post are a selection of images by Reuters photographer Adrees Latif, who returned to Ferguson to gather the thoughts of people since the shooting last year. — By Lloyd Young
Michael Brown Sr., and others pray at a memorial near the Canfield Green apartments on Aug. 8 where his son was shot dead police officer a year ago. In the year since, Ferguson has taken steps toward rebuilding its battered commercial areas and diversifying its once white dominated government, both goals which remain very much works in progress. (Whitney Curtis/The New York Times) http://ift.tt/1N1BwAm
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August 08, 2015 at 01:12AM

70 years after the atomic bombs On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing about 140,000 by the end of the year, out of the 350,000 who lived in the city. Three days later, a second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The 70th anniversary of the world’s first nuclear attack was marked this week and Reuters photographer Issei Kato sourced archive images of the cities in the aftermath of the bombing and revisited the same locations today. People gathered this week to mourn the attacks that killed more than 200,000 in Japan.
An elderly Hiroshima resident lights a candle of her grand daughter’s paper lantern to prepare for a lantern procession to comfort souls of victims killed by the atomic bombing in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Peace Park, in Hiroshima, western Japan, August 5. (Kimimiasa Mayama/EPA) http://ift.tt/1KVXcO9
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